ID: Charles Williams Fairfield (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Jason-Charles) 1910 census

Source: original image, Wilmington Avenue, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Co., NM


Nusbaum, Simon, head, age 66, first marriage, married 7 years, born in PA, parents bp GER, bookkeeper

Nusbaum, Dora Rultedge?, wife, age 40, second marriage, married 7 years, born in GA, parents bp GA

Nusbaum, Nellie Rogers, daughter, age 13, single, born in NM, father bp VA, mother bp GA

Nusbaum, John, son, age 5, father bp PA, mother bp GA

Beard, Charles A., lodger, age 28, first marriage, married 5 years, born in DC, father bp ENG, mother bp OH, clerk in forestry service

Beard, Harriet A., lodger, age 26, first marriage, married 5 years, mother of 2 children (1 living), born in MD, parents bp MD

Gawkins?, H.G., lodger, age 25, single, born in OH, parents bp OH, dept. supervisor at forestry service

Alexander, Frank E., lodger, age 50, widow, born in PA, parents bp PA, photographer at gallery

Fairfield, Charles W., lodger, age 28, born in CO, father bp CT, mother bp OH

Pierce, Clarence, lodger, age 32, single, born in NE, father bp IL, mother bp OH, salesman in dry goods

Stolle, Ralph H., lodger, age 20, single, born in IN, parents bp KY, bookkeeper in bank

Notes: Charles was the son of Jason W. Jr. and Margaret F. (Smith) Fairfield. He was born in CO and moved first to CA, then NM in his early adult life.