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Welcome, Fairfield Descendants and Researchers!

Wynn Cowan Fairfield published the Descendants of John Fairfield of Wenham in 1953.* His research covered five generations of descendants of John Fairfield (c.1610-1646) and his wife, Elizabeth, of Wenham, Mass. This site builds on his research, providing an evolving database of descendants (now into the 13th generation) as well as documents, photos, links to related sites, source citations, and notes.

*You can purchase a facsimile reprint of this title online at Higginson Books

Contact me if you want to add documented data for your line.

Wenham Church, built 1843

Photo Copyright 2003 Rick Kilham.

Used by permission.

DNA Project

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Through this project, we aim to determine relationship on a physical level, not just by family folklore or tradition, through a 12-marker Y chromosome test. ONLY male descendants of males (thus with surname Fairfield) may participate by purchasing mouth-swab kits (no needles!) and submitting the test for inclusion in our Fairfield surname project. Please visit their Web site to learn more about the project. Use the link below to go directly to the Fairfield surname project page.


The Fairfields of Wenham book is now available. Building on the research of Wynn Cowan Fairfield and others, this 200-page book covers the history of John Fairfield of Wenham, Massachusetts, and his descendants from 1638-1800. Chapters include 1. Coming to Wenham, 2. The Move to Reading, 3. Return to Wenham, 4. The Next Generations, 5. Fairfield Burying Ground, and 6. Historic Houses. It includes photos, illustrations, maps, etc. This is a private, nonprofit publication. Cost is $25 plus $6 shipping. Inquire at

Descendants of David (1829-1897) and Ann (Tate) Fairfield may be interested in my book, The Man Behind the Plow: Robert N. Tate, Early Partner of John Deere. Robert Tate was Ann (Tate) Fairfield's father. He wrote volumes of interesting diaries in the19th century that include numerous references to David and family. Contact me if you're interested in ordering a copy!

fairfield of wenham book

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